How a tagline can give your advertising super powers

We recently had the opportunity to work with a new business with a very focused mission: to provide training programs for cops who are field training officers. The client needed a website, business cards, stationery, plus a direct mail piece to drive cops to his website. He also needed a logo.

But first he needed to name his business.

He settled on Field Training Solutions fairly quickly, but we knew that a strong tagline could really help. We learned a bit about the world of field training officers, or FTO’s, as our client called them. This was terminology his targeted audience would recognize immediately. The name was great, but it needed a little nudge.

Enter the trusty tagline, one of the most powerful tools in the entrepreneur’s toolbox.

A tagline can emphasize the unique selling proposition of an established business. For example, the famous car rental company, Avis—a competitor of the giant firm Hertz—employed the tagline “We try harder.” With three words, Avis positioned itself as the loveable and hardworking underdog.

In this case, we needed a tagline that would position our client's training programs and set him apart from other companies that do the same thing. We also learned that for his audience, the acronym FTO would be widely understood. Field Training Solutions focuses on training field training officers, or FTOs. In fact, we learned, hardly anyone in cop world even says the words “field training officers.” Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. We next focused on our client’s approach to training. He’s a retired cop who went back to school to get his master’s degree in Education. He is in tune with his students’ learning differences, and he enjoys building people up in his trainings with humor and personality.

After a few tries, we hit on “We make great FTOs.” Instantly, it strengthened every marketing piece with a strong, effective statement.